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Search engine marketing techniques have evolved far beyond the optimization of written content, blogs and articles. YouTube, the video sharing site purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006, is by far the best known of these internet marketing alternatives but certainly not the only venue for sharing content that isn’t text-based. “Podcasts” are digital media files which can be distributed over the web using syndicated feeds for playback on portable media players, laptops, and personal computers. One of the biggest misconceptions of podcasts is that, despite their name, they are not the exclusive domain of Apple’s line of IPods.

In the competitive blog space, building a blog based on search engine optimization principles is critical in order to build an audience and rank with the search engines. SEO LLC has published a list of search engine optimization basics which should be implemented to form the foundation of a successful blog.

SEO LLC, an Atlanta-based expert in search engine optimization, has released five extremely effective ways for businesses to optimize their website for local search that are either very low in cost or free of charge. With the number of online local searches seemingly increasing by the day, businesses with local markets are now able to attract new customers in ways that were previously available only to the largest companies with huge advertising budgets.

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