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SEO LLC Presents its On Site SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist SEO Checklist

SEO LLC, a team search engine optimization professionals, has released its six point on site search engine optimization checklist to assist website owners in attracting, keeping, and converting visitors who come to their websites. These steps begin with work and planning that should take place prior to starting the design or redesign of a company’s website, steps which are commonly skipped resulting in wasted time, money, and effort. The checklist then provides a series of steps to maximize SEO efforts and the performance of the online business.


1) Research – This is an often ignored step which will largely determine the performance of the website. Conducting research on keywords and keyphrases can disclose where competition is heavy and where opportunities exist. This research will define the terms that can drive targeted traffic as opposed to just traffic in numbers. Specific search terms which can deliver targeted traffic are likely to be more cost effective and convert at much higher rates.


2) Pages on the site should be designed to engage visitors immediately with content that is relevant to the search term that brought them. Page design should be such that the relevant content is above the fold, meaning that visitors won’t have to scroll down to see it.


3) Content must be well written in order to capture visitors as opposed to catering to scoring with the search engines. Awkward text which repeats keywords will turn off visitors and send them searching for professionally written content on other sites.


4) The site should have consistently fresh and relevant content. This will keep the search engines happy, motivate visitors to return, and attract new traffic.


5) Make sure that navigation is simple and clear with pages that load quickly. This is another aspect which focuses on giving visitors the best experience possible while on the site. Keep in mind that Frames, Flash and AJAX do not allow links to other pages which can prove to be a negative for navigation.


6) Visitors need to be prompted toward conversion. This requires that pages have a series of clear calls to action which are easy to follow. The path to conversion should be streamlined as well so that once the decision to purchase has been made, the process of buying is fast and simple.


While complete on site SEO takes considerably more than these six steps, this checklist will provide a solid foundation to either build or re-design a website. SEO LLC provides customized search engine optimization solutions to small, medium, and large businesses. For more information, visit or call (866) 530 7703.

SEO Firm

SEO Firm

Having made an advent in the global IT sphere Search Engine Optimization LLC re-dines the core of business with the value chain of SEO web design and technology practices. Search Engine Optimization LLC delivers solutions across select verticals Travel, Banking, Real Estate, Communications, Financial Services, Ecommerce, Insurance, Electronics and Education. We work with you to come up with innovative ideas that help your business grow. We make sure that the rate of growth is directly linked to the investment you make, rather far exceeds the charts. People and process, are channelized in the right direction with the tech advancement we have at hand for you. Search Engine Optimization LLC is addressing opportunities in business that revolves all around Commerce, Content, Convergence and Customer Experience. Sustaining a competitive advantage in these areas is our foremost concern.


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