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Contextual Advertising

So, what is contextual advertising? Contextual advertising is a highly effective practice where are placed on web pages which contain keywords which are relevant to the advertisement. For example, if a person is reading a web page about bicycling, contextual ads would be placed on that page so that the person would see ads for bicycles, gear, bicycle stores, etc. Search engines have used contextual advertising for years, displaying ads on the right side of the page which are relevant to the organic search results.


Search Engine Optimization LLC's proven contextual advertising methodologies are based on extensive keyword research which enables the placement of these ads in the context of what people are viewing in real time. This makes contextual advertising highly effective in that users are presented with advertisements based on content which they have elected to view. Ads placed in this manner have a much higher likelihood of being perceived by the user as more valuable than randomly generated ads for products which are not relevant to the content on the page.

The perceived value of these ads as they relate to the on-page content makes them much less intrusive to the user experience and presents a much greater chance that the user will click through to see what you have to offer. A last benefit of contextual advertising exists in the possibility of having the on-page content pre-sell your product/service before the user clicks on your advertisement. For instance, if the bicycle-related content raves about a specific type of seat and contextual advertising has placed an ad for that type of seat on the page, it's tantamount to a free third-party endorsement.

Search Engine Optimization LLC deploys contextual advertising techniques which will get your ads in the right place and seen by your targeted audience. To see how contextual advertising can lead to higher conversion rates and increased efficiency for you, call us today at (866) 530 7703.

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