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Press Release Optimization

Online PR Management

Optimizing your outgoing communications such as press releases and newsletters not only gets your story out to your audience, it can gain visibility on the search engines for your business. It used to be that press releases were sent out to journalists in the media with hopes that they would run with the story. The advent of the internet and the ubiquitous use of search engines now mean that your press release can be seen by millions of people all over the world whether a journalist picks it up or not.


Search Engine Optimization LLC's team of writers and technicians coordinates keyword research so that your optimized press releases and newsletters get seen by the widest range of targeted traffic possible. Our optimization techniques can get your outgoing communications in the top ten results in Yahoo! News, Google News as well as other news websites across the Internet.

Getting your optimized press release onto news websites accomplishes three important objectives for your business:

  • It gives you the possibility of reaching millions of internet users directly
  • You can receive inbound links from authority and other quality sites which can improve your site's search engine results
  • Your press release can end up on the front pages of the search engines as well, increasing your site's visibility even further.


Additionally, journalists use the internet for information, research, etc. With the added visibility, you story could get picked up by mainstream and/or traditional media sources as well. As you can see a press release optimized by Search Engine Optimization LLC can go long way. For a free consultation on the benefits of optimizing your outbound communications, call us today at (866) 530 7703.


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