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Website Analytics


Web analytics deals with number-crunching and numerical data. The numbers help tell the performance of the users. One of the only things that the data does not determine is why the users are viewing various web pages. Web analytics are used with a number of other resources to determine why users are viewing particular pages and how to keep them there.

                Free Analytic Tools

                                Google Analytics-





Keyword Research

Keyword Research tell s administrators if their keywords are too general , too specific, not used by normal users as search terms or are too competitive to get high rankings on search engines.

                Free Keyword Research Tools

                                WordTracker Free Keywords- 

                                Keyword Discovery-

                                Good Keywords v3-


Competitive Link Analysis

Linking plays a major role in getting websites to the top of search engines. The process of link building involves qualified keywords, which are meta tagged and then they are built as direct requests for inbound links from other sites, press releases, blogs, articles, etc.

                Free Competitive Link Analysis Tools

                                SEO Toolbar-

NicheBot Classic-

                                Open Site Explorer-


Search Engine Rankings

With search engine ranking tools administrators can track stats of your pages one by one, or track stats based on group of pages or visitors.

                Free Search Engine Ranking Tools

                                Cleverstat, free Monitor for Google-

                                Rank This-

                                Search Engine Reports-

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